X-Rated Love – Time To Love The ‘X-Gene’ In Yourself

Hey, how are you?

Nah, you probably hear this line every day. When you reach your office, classroom, the cafeteria or in most cases, when you just exit the loo after taking an angry yet peaceful dump on society’s head.

The answer is always ‘fine’. The word slips easily out of your lips because it is the accepted response. Like a well-trained parrot.

What if someone suddenly walks up to you, stares at you right in the face and asks you- “What are you chasing?” “Why are you trying to fit in?” 

What do you say then?

Do you say? – “I am chasing my dreams.” Haha, good one.

What are you running after then? Your next paycheck, inner peace, bonus, the pretty girl, justice, a happy ending? And trying to fit in along the way because that’s what people do.

But Logan says NO. Enough is enough.

Are you like, say Whaaaat?!

Yes, we are talking about the Wolverine here. The best at what he does. How many of us can claim that? Not many, because we are always trying to fit in, chasing our personal carrot, one day at a time, all the way to the weekend, then month’s end and poof, one more year gone. In the process, we slowly damage ourselves, letting time snatch our precious time, tick tock tick. Till we end up convincing ourselves, we are going with the flow.

Not Logan.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Remember discovering Logan? Bruised, battered, wounded with a forgotten past. There were many things ‘cool’ about him unlike a conventional hero. But one thing stood out. He got beaten up all the time, but every time he healed and got back up.

We have the power to heal too, from all these established self-inflicted time zones, rat race and the constant feeling of being somewhat ‘different’.

The true X-men lovers know the essence of the comics is about prejudice. It is about the fight to express one’s individuality without being judged. It’s about the pride of being different and being kick-ass about it.

So, don’t worry if you become quiet when you have to talk or say something stupid when you are supposed to be quiet.

Don’t worry if you only remember the most ridiculous things when you are about to sleep.

Don’t worry if someone started the same as you and is ahead of you.

This list can go on. As random as it can get. (You can share some in the comments below for fun)

If you think you can’t fit in, need your own time, so be it.

Because, unknowingly you are a mutant too. Yes, YOU!

Obviously, you will hear, “Be realistic, it’s not possible”. You will be fed- “Why are you like this? Be like this… be like that.”

You have the power to not be realistic and always try to make it possible like Professor Xavier.

You have the strength to be a badass like Logan when it comes to dealing with people.

You have the choice to let all the criticism and hate pass through you like Shadowcat.

Or, you can just say f@#$ the world and blow firecrackers up everyone’s ass like Jubilee.

You can’t waste your energy changing people’s perspective, the only thing you can change is yours.

It’s up to you, how you love yourself, how you love the X-gene inside you that makes you different, that makes you ‘you’.


Why am I comparing reality with a fictional comic world?

Because I remember diving into the X-Men world being fascinated by their journey to find a place in the world. These groups of heroes were called X-men because they had an extra power, a peculiarity that made them stand out, made them unique, but made them suffer as well.

Have you noticed how all the characters in the comics were ‘social misfits’ and came from different walks of life, nationalities and philosophies? They came together, some found a family, some love, a brother and a friend. These people chose each other because they began to love and care for each other. The X-gene was not bound by borders, skin colour or religion. It was the unique seed inside that helped them find their own unique place in the sun.

The next time you end up asking yourself why am I not fitting in, be proud it’s not because you lack something. It’s because you have an X-gene lurking inside you to be unleashed and it is time to acknowledge it!

My fellow mutant, if you are reading this, remember this-  I am like you. You are like me. But at the same time, not everyone is like us. This site, Buzz Continuum, was started with a dream to connect with fellow ‘mutants’ and start a journey that we don’t know where it will take us but the point is to go somewhere.

Hop on!

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