WWE Superstar Diaries feat. Roman Reigns

Welcome to the WWE Superstar Diaries.

A blog series where we try imagining what our favorite WWE Superstars write in their personal diaries. Now these imaginative stories may get a bit too personal some times. But the idea isn’t to offend anyone, we love them all, but look at things from a creative lens.

We feel there isn’t anyone more “deserving” than The Big Dog of the house, Roman Reigns. After all, it’s his yard now.

This story takes a cue from the latest WWE news. Roman Reigns has been forced to miss the TLC pay-per-view with Kurt Angle replacing him in a 3-on-5 match. Here’s what happens in the life of The Big Dog as he deals with illness and other personal demons.




“Oooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

The Big Dog wakes up in his gold basket that his daddy build for him, and for him only. He deserves this beautiful basket, in fact he has earned it. After all, he is the biggest dog in the world.

He is not feeling too well, though. Been ill for a few days now, he is feeling sad as his buddies, Seth and Dean are not going to play with him and instead have found another playmate, a certain Olympic Gold Medalist.

“This was supposed to be MY day, daddy had promised. And I am still sitting in this basket as they get ready to fight off the bad guys! Ooooo…”

The Big Dog was just about to cry when his daddy rushed to comfort him. They cuddled for a minute as Reigns eventually smiled. He needed that. Needed the attention. Daddy made him take his medicines and lovingly asked him to sleep. Understandably, Reigns couldn’t and asked, “Daddy, can you tell me a story before I sleep, please?”

“Of course, my dear. Let me tell you your favorite story. This is the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Once upon a time….” In his heavy voice, daddy told the story about these fantasy people. Daddy knew he loved this story, in fact, he had even recited this story in front of a large audience once to a thunderous response.

“My baby dog, you’re the light of my life”. Daddy whispered slowly to Reigns as he kissed him on his forehead.



The Big Dog is sitting in front of his big flat screen watching Raw on the WWE Network. Kurt, Dean and Seth are in the ring and the crowd is cheering for them.

“If only I was there right now!” Reigns screamed almost throwing a tantrum, his voice showed anger and disappointment, two feelings he wasn’t familiar with since daddy adopted him from a certain Anoaʻi family.

Daddy came running into the room. He had taken an off from work today. He knew Reigns wasn’t able to communicate with others efficiently, forgetting what he was about to say or creating his own words like sufferin’ succotash. Daddy never confronted Reigns about it, though. He wanted to be a supportive father who always encourages his new son irrespective of how average he was sometimes.

“He will become better dammit.” Daddy used to tell others. “He doesn’t need to know the real picture. The bad times will be over. He will be over.”

It took a few minutes of cuddling and a new vest to calm down The Big Dog. Daddy sat there for as the clock struck midnight brushing his long luscious hair, thinking how he can make his son happy as he dropped a message to his creative team for an urgent meeting in the next one hour.



Reigns is looking much better now. He is seen playing in his back-yard as he spots a few young men talking to each other. “What are they wearing? That doesn’t look like the t-shirt daddy makes. B-U-L-L-E…”

He couldn’t read beyond that. Being home-schooled, he was only taught how to say and spell “Believe in the Shield” and “Believe That” till now. Others used to call him slow but his daddy called him special. He preferred the latter. Special sounded… special.

The Big Dog leaped across his yard and went to talk to these cool kids on the block.

“You two look same. Haha, are you twins?”

The brothers looked at each other, annoyed because of the unwanted company, but decided to ignore him.

Reigns seemed a little confused but diverted his attention to the third guy. “What happened to your hair? And why do you make the finger gun hand gesture? This looks so stupid”, Reigns barked loudly, trying to control his laughter as he almost tripped.

The B-Club have had enough. Cease and Desist n all. What followed was language that daddy always told Reigns never to use. “It is not PG, dammit,” he remembered daddy saying that to a lot of people.

The Big Dog came running into his back-yard again. He was shaken. He needed comfort. He needed daddy.

He ran towards the meeting room where daddy was sitting with Uncle Dunn discussing work.

“Daddy! DADDY!!” he came running into the room, tears flowing down his chiseled face.

Daddy held him tight in his arms as Uncle Dunn started waving his hands to distract Reigns and make him smile. They spent the next few hours watching Tom and Jerry. Reigns loved this cartoon, daddy knew.

“Son, I have a good news for you.” Daddy said as Reigns was seeing happily clapping his hands watching Jerry troubling Tom. “You are going to win the next Royal Rumble.”

The Big Dog turned around and hugged him. He knew he couldn’t have asked for a better daddy.

Hugging him tightly, Vince whispered in his ear, “Who’s your Daddy?”

“You are.” Reigns barked softly.

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