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2K just launched the latest WWE game – WWE 2K18, this week. We, at Buzz Continuum, managed to get our hands on the game and give it a thorough play through over the last few days, and boy are we impressed! Despite the mixed initial reaction the game has been getting, here are 5 reasons why every wrestling fan and gamer alike, should pick up their copy of the game from stores now. Do keep in mind that we only tested the PC version of the game, so the improvements mentioned below could only be limited to that version.


1. Massive Roster

The game has a seriously MASSIVE roster with this edition outdoing their previous version as the ‘game with the largest roster’ for the second time in a row. 29 superstars have made their debut in this edition with players now having the opportunity to play with stars such as Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong for the very first time. Also, we are very excited to have a WWE game featuring Kurt Angle for the first time in over 10 years! Kurt has been one of the best performers in the ring and the joy of controlling him in the ring against the likes of Seth Rollins and AJ Styles is simply unparalleled. Plus, to make up the large numbers, WWE has included a whole host of legends and fan favorites such as Edge, The Ultimate Warrior, Stone Cold, Bret Hart, The Rock and Sting amongst others. The extended NXT roster is also a welcome addition. With yet to be released DLCs that feature stars such as The Hardy Boyz, Drew McIntyre, Aleister Black and Elias, waiting in the wings, this is one EPIC roster that we just can’t get enough of!


2. Improved Graphics and features

With an all-new graphics engine in place, the game features some of the best character models and arena & audience graphics we have ever seen from the series. While these stunning character renditions are far superior from the game’s previous versions, the recurring 3D-model glitches that have been synonymous with the series, do tend to make an odd appearance. But considering how the likeness of several superstars is almost next to real, we are ready to forgive the occasional glitch.

The game also has the capacity to host eight characters onscreen at a given point of time – which means a better Royal Rumble experience, larger ladder matches and the ability to (FINALLY!) execute an actual traditional Survivor Series tag match. The game also features the return of backstage brawls, which means the addition of some edgy content and ‘not so PG finishers’ backstage – a feature which has surely been missed.


3. MyPlayer Creation Suite

The MyPlayer creation suite is far more in-depth this year, which means there are so many options by which you can create your own unique wrestler. Be it the choice in terms of wardrobe or a massive selection of moves and traits. The MyPlayer creating suite is far more detailed than ever, leading to a better and more precise wrestler creating experience. The game also does a decent job of including a whole series moves, finishers, physical features and attire pieces that can be attributed to non-WWE wrestlers from across the world. This gives gamers the potential to create almost ANYBODY in the game!


4. Revamped Career & New Road to Glory mode

The new Career Mode mirrors the MyPlayer creation suite, in the fact that it is far more detailed than ever before. It features a unique journey for the player’s created superstar from the WWE Performance center, through NXT up to the main event of Wrestlemania, in search of their very own Wrestlemania moment. The one thing that we did find a bit disappointing was the fact that several moves, attire and body modification features for the MyPlayer creation suite were locked and could only be unlocked by Loot boxes featuring random loot. This makes unlocking a particular move seemingly next to impossible and could frustrate players who are looking at creating several real-life non-WWE wrestlers from across the world. However giving the game the benefit of the doubt, we feel this restriction could possibly give the Career mode a leash to extend gameplay life, which in the previous mode did get monotonous after a few hours of gameplay and random rivalries. The interactive backstage free roam feature also adds gameplay value to the mode.

The game also features a new Road to Glory mode which allows players to take their characters online and use them to fight wrestlers create by other gamers. While we haven’t given this mode a thorough check, an online gameplay mode that features tournaments during actual PPVs does add to the overall experience.


5. Revised Mini-game dynamics

Finally, the game has refined some of its mini-game features such as the submission mini-game, the belt retrieval system in ladder matches, as well as the elimination process in the Royal Rumble matches, to make it easier for gamers to execute the correct key combos and reap benefits. Providing two options for executing submission moves, does add a bit towards the customization of the game. Also, we prefer the button mashing mini-game to the bar rotating one that was the sole feature in the previous editions of the game.

The game also comes with a new carry system, which has its own mini-game to setup and execute. While it does take a while to get a hang of all the mini-games for new gamers, experienced players are expected to master the controls in no time.


We hope some of these features excite you enough to get your own copy of the game. While the game is not completely without its misses and glitches, we do tend to overlook those small flaws in favor of all the exciting new features it has to offer.

Do let us know which features excite you the most.

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