The Story Behind Buzz Continuum

A long time ago…
But not TOO long ago…
But like, not super short either.
Hold on…. we don’t do vague crap here. Let’s start again.

It was four years ago. Mary Jane had worked its magic on me and my friend. The storyteller in us had resurfaced again for the umpteenth time as we sat lazying around in our cozy bean bags. (May God bless the genius who invented bean bags)

We were talking about our favourite Star Wars and Princess Leia’s golden bikini. My friend took a sip from his beer and quipped – “May The Force Be With Us”.

Why he said that? ‘Coz he was drunk.

The next statement that came out of my mouth laid the foundation of this dream project you are reading now. I kid you not.

I asked my worldly-wise friend- Say, can we apply that damn Newton’s equation to calculate the amount of force a Jedi can apply?

My friend and I looked at each other and then it hit us- why the hell has no one talked about this before?

What if there was a bunch of people out there in the world who had asked the same question to themselves, excitedly googled it and ended up with nothing!

It took us four freaking years to build a catalog of topics like these, stuff which will make people question anything and everything that is considered normal.

Trust us, if you are here to read something normal, then just close the damn tab and go back to the obnoxious click-bait stories screaming at you. This space is not for you.

This is our show.

Well, the above line was written to chase away the unprepared souls.

And yeah, this project is not a one-man show.

It’s your show if you’re searching for something different in terms of content. But keep in mind we’re not your Mashable or your Buzzfeed. We will talk about entertainment, we’ll talk about stuff like MMA, WWE and sports. Just expect the unexpected when you read.

We have a heart, we have no tricks up our sleeve, only the truest of intention to create content that we would feel proud to share.

That’s Buzz Continuum for you. An exclusive club of fellow content seekers, searching for something more, a platform for free thinking individuals to connect & discuss and for content that will leave a pleasant buzzing hum in your brain till infinity or till you roll over peacefully and kick the bucket.

It’s just a start, but we have started, this is a journey which had to be taken to find a place in the sun for people like us.

May The Force Be With All Of Us. Cheers!

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