The Journey Is What Makes The Difference Between A Hero And A Renegade

Now we have all seen or at least heard of the Star Wars saga. While a lot of new viewers have been initiated into the series via the latest installment in the main series – The Force Awakens, older audiences, of course, cherish the Original and Prequel trilogies which have been lauded as one of the best sci-fi sagas to come out of Hollywood.

Recently a member of our editorial team was lucky enough to visit the Star Wars Identities exhibition at The O2, in London, which showcased over 200 of the actual costumes, props, models and artwork pieces used in the original and prequel trilogies (it is definitely an experience every die-hard Star Wars fan should go through at least once in their lives). However, what surprisingly intrigued him was a simultaneously run activity that was on offer, which visitors experienced while walking through the exhibition. The activity consisted of people choosing to be a certain character from the Star Wars universe and deciding how they would approach the various events that were faced by the heroes – Luke and Anakin, eventually deciding their fates in the series. Going through each life changing a moment of both characters’ lives, an important fact surfaced – although both had uncanny similar beginnings, their lives were poles apart – owing to different reactions to a similar life changing event.

If we compare both heroes, with a focus on their social statuses as well as their motivation to rise above others, both Luke and Anakin had similar beginnings. Both are perceived by powerful Jedi warriors as having a strong affiliation towards The Force and were recruited to become Jedi warriors. Both follow their respective masters fearlessly into battle and show signs of courage and valor. However, it is their reaction to a single painful life event which completely transforms one from the other, eventually leading them down a path that defines them. In Luke’s case, it is the death of his foster parents and then his mentor Obi-Wan, which brings in him a sense of responsibility and forever changes him from a carefree youngster into a thoughtful warrior. However, Anakin reacts to a similar life changing event with a completely different reaction. The melancholic death of his mother instills in him a sense of hatred and anger which fuels the beginning of his journey to embrace the dark side of the force.

Again, when another significant event occurs later in their lives, both give a completely different response which seals their fates forever. When given the choice of choosing between the Dark and Light paths of the Force, Anakin in his quest for power and vengeance chooses the more seductive power of the dark side rejecting his loved ones in the process. In a similar situation, Luke rejects the allure of the dark and fights for the lives of his loved ones willing to sacrifice himself to save his sister. He even refuses to kill the fallen Vader, rejecting everything the dark side stands for.

A possible reason for this difference in response to these situations is attributed to the upbringing of both heroes – while Anakin is raised as a slave risking his life on a daily basis to get by, Luke, on the other hand, grows up in a more caring environment which is the farm of his foster parents. Possibly, this early instinct of walking on the edge, developed by Anakin is what ultimately helps push him into the path of darkness and eventually become Darth Vader. This interesting case shows us that there is a very fine line which differentiates heroes from villains and that sometimes all it takes is a single reaction to certain important events which propel us into the light or plunge us into the darkness.

Do let us know in your comments what your views on these two heroes are, and what according to you, is the reason for the different paths chosen by them.Also, if you are in or around London, do visit the Star Wars Identities Exhibition at The O2, which will be open to the public until September 2017 – trust us it will be the experience of a lifetime!

Also, if you are in or around London, do visit the Star Wars Identities Exhibition at The O2, which will be open to the public until September 2017 – trust us it will be the experience of a lifetime!

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