Alternative Pasts – A Link To The Above And Beyond

Fifty years of researching these ancient works convinces me that there are living beings on other planets, and they visited earth as far back as 4000 B.C.

Dr. V Raghavan H.O.D. Sanskrit Department (Retd.)

University of Madras

The links established over the years between man and his supposed contact with extra-terrestrials has dominated the realm of speculation for over four decades. Although a large amount of empirical research on the subject has been conducted in the west, we don’t have to stray too far from home to find volumes of ancient scriptures which point towards early contact between Aliens and the people inhabiting the region currently known as the Indian Subcontinent. Let us talk a walk on the wild side and delve into the reasons compelling people to believe that these alternative pasts could actually be a part of reality.



The Tell-Tale Signs:

When we talk about unearthly references, the mythological masterpieces like the Mahabharata and the Ramayana are like lightning rods for inviting much debate on the antecedents of the characters portrayed. It is well inferred that things which go beyond the understanding of man are often bestowed with the status of divinity. The explicit mention of divine weapons of mass destruction like lightning and ray weapons coupled with mind control devices point towards a very high likelihood of advanced extra-terrestrial beings bestowed with the status of divine Gods and Kings worthy of being immortalized. Whether it be the Vimanas aka flying machines of the Ramayana or the ‘Brahmastra’ of the Mahabharatas, it is quite possible that the true origins of these godly characters may have been deliberately censored or understandably misunderstood. Given the proclivity of ancient Indian scholars to disregard all concepts of space and time, the latter seems to be a feasible approach to explain these ALIEN occurrences through a more universally acceptable and anthropomorphic story so that the people could digest it easier.


Indo Centric Anomalies:

In a stark contrast from the Judeo-Christian mythological structure, where the Gods took on the mantle of all powerful beings, the Vedic references to these figures of divinity take on a more methodological approach. It is often cited that Lord Shiva was the creator of man. Having the dual role of being both the creator and destroyer, it is believed in Hindu mythology that for something to be created, something must be destroyed first. Could this be a reference to the ‘cleansing’ role of a supreme alien being that was accorded the status of Lord Shiva – being responsible for the destruction of a preceding race before mankind, and the subsequent creation of man himself? All these questions retain their validity with the evidence pointing to a past fraught with possibility of genuine alien contact.  With the emphasis on technology and systems which seem to be light years ahead of its time, the ancient Vedic stories about various Hindu Gods belie the true nature of these anomalies which in all probability could be extra-terrestrials.


In Conclusion – The Alternative Future:

In a world that has now amassed its own compilation of cultural structures which have lorded over the study of our ancestry and belief systems, it is difficult to cut through the rigidity and have people open up to the possibility of aliens who may have walked amongst/with us on this very Earth. Their extra-sensory powers and robust technical prowess simply superseded the realms of imagination and comprehension of that particular nascent period of mankind. Be it the undeniable extra-terrestrial allure of the ‘Pyramids of Mount Kailash- Home of Lord Shiva’, or the ancient Hindu temples which bear an uncanny resemblance to the alien designs for the ‘Rukma Vimana’ (Flying Aircraft), many an investigation categorically points towards the existence of extra-terrestrials who have made direct contact with man and have managed to infiltrate and influence our very beliefs of society. At least in the immediate future, without a far and wide ranging effort to conduct further research on the above, it is highly unlikely that the Alien theory will ever replace the popular belief in history which traces our antecedents, despite both the narratives being as implausible as the other.

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