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Abhishank Babbar

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Master Jedi. Founded Buzz Continuum with the sole purpose of "bringing balance to the force". Working towards creating a quality platform covering Entertainment, Pro-Wrestling and more with a new perspective
Follow him on Twitter: @absolutbabbar

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Amer Qasim

Managing Editor

Writer, Gamer, Critic. In-house wrestling expert. Manages website content Paul Heyman style. Grapples with your intellect through his analytical take on all things Continuum...and you can't teach that!
Follow him on Twitter: @amer_cenary

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Sanjoy Gohain

Associate Editor

In search of the apple that fell on Newton's head, Sanjoy is the creative lead with an objective to make the content have that 'unconventional edge'. He is leading the Entertainment division
Follow him on Twitter: @oldmonktales

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Vishal Arora


Coding his way through the complexities of The Matrix, Vishal ensures that the site is up and safe at all times from the tyranny of sentient machines. Always.