11 TV Shows That Are Absolutely MUST SEE For Every Millennial

We know, we know!! This topic has the potential to spark unending debates & conflicts amongst global millennials. But hey, we’re going to try anyway!

It’s a proven fact that tastes evolve, preferences change and humor matures. In this content surplus age of on-demand videos, there will always be the those gems of sheer brilliance which enter the ‘Pop-Culture Hall of Fame’. Here’s our pick of the relatively ‘young’ TV Shows which have undoubtedly left their mark (tattoos anyone?) on an entire generation which went online. The list, obviously, in no particular rank.


1) Breaking Bad (2008)

Bryan Cranston takes on the role of drug lord ‘Heisenberg’, the high school Chemistry teacher turned meth producer, after a debilitating bout with lung cancer. Will he succeed in his endeavor to build a fortune for his family before his imminent death?? Or will he crash and burn in the downward spiral of the drug world? Watch it and get hooked!!

IMDb Rating – 9.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 95%


2) Sherlock (2010)

There probably wouldn’t be a better contemporary ode to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legend of Sherlock Holmes. Watch Benedict Cumberbatch reprise the role of Sherlock Holmes in this vivid and engaging TV production.

IMDb Rating – 9.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 87%


3) Stranger Things (2016)

What would you do if your child/best friend just simply vanishes from the face of the earth. Watch how Winona Ryder meanders through the labyrinth of terrifying and mysterious events to find her son Finn. Trust us, you will NOT be able to wait for the next season to be out!

IMDb Rating – 9.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 95%


4) House Of Cards (2013)

Power, Deceit, Money, Betrayal!! These are some of the common words thrown about to describe the political spectrum of the world. Watch Frank Underwood push his way to the top of the American Political space to get back at the people who once let him down.

IMDb Rating – 9.0/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 84%


5) Narcos (2015)

There is no one who even comes close to the legendary status of drug overlord Pablo Escobar. Watch this Netflix original series chronicling the life and journey of one of the most feared men in the adrenaline packed world of drugs and organized crime. This one deserves a binge weekend for sure!

IMDb Rating – 8.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 84%


6) Game Of Thrones (2011)

This one has it all. Politics, love, drama, war and above all, a gripping and riveting story line. Watch how the noble bloodlines of this mythical land squabble, kill and vie against each other for absolute control. If you haven’t started watching this yet, we’d say you must have been outside the planet for a few years!

IMDb Rating – 9.5/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 95%


7) Orange Is The New Black (2013)

We’ve always been exposed to Prison culture in Hollywood, albeit, mostly male dominated Prison. Here’s a refreshing new insight into the comedic, heart-warming yet brutal world of female only prisons in the US. Watch this guys!! I swear it doesn’t slow down for a second.

IMDb Rating – 8.3/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 95%


8) Archer (2009)

We would like to describe this in only two words, ‘Outrageously Good!!’ Watch this satirical masterpiece unfold in the dingy corners of the world of espionage and be prepared to spill your drink all over as you keel over laughing your a** off.

IMDb Rating – 8.8/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 97%


9) Black Mirror (2011)

The world can often be a cold and dark place. Full of secrets, full of intrigue. This British TV gem delves into the deep dark abyss of human nature via technological references. Dim the lights, grab the munchies; and your partner! And be amazed!

IMDb Rating – 8.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 96%


10) American Horror Story (2011)

A murder house. An asylum. A coven. A freak show. A sinister farmhouse. Need we say more? The storyline focuses on themes of infidelity, sanity, discrimination and addiction. This series is strange, gory and twisted enough to keep you hooked.

IMDb – 8.2/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 77%


11) The Walking Dead (2010)

Zombies! Run!! Yes, it talks about those brain-eating, undead corpses that have found place in a plethora of movies. But there is something special about the zombies (or as TWD characters call them, the ‘Walkers’) that it has won many hearts. The story revolves around Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes leading a group of survivors in a world overrun by the walking dead. Fighting the dead, fearing the living

IMDb – 8.6/10
Rotten Tomatoes Average Audience Score – 83%


Did we miss out on your favorite TV show? We would love to hear about it. Share with us what’s your list in the comments below.

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